'BATHTUB' by Fono & Serafina

Side-Line 4/2007:

'...This duo composes an album with a real huge potential! The music is based on lounge, trip-pop, jazzy and experimental influences...and this album really deserves some recognition!..'


OOR / 2006:

'...the lady is in terms of timing and timbre and everything else a true copy of the Icelandic goddess.

Is that disturbing, you ask? No, not here. Because the musical accompaniment  by the masterful Van der Linden is often warm, jazzy, artful, austere and yet fresh, and because Björk herself has not made a record this good and this accessible, especially after having listened to it a few times, in years.

Sorry Bloem but with this album, the Björk comparison will keep on haunting you. At any rate, I hope all her fans, and yours, will buy this record; available worldwide on iTunes...'



***        go to Lush radio (SomaFM, support them!) and listen to all these ladies (yes, Serafina too) singing beautiful songs!

***         In 2012 Bloem de Wilde de Ligny (Serafina) had a UK nr. 1 hit: Sam and the Womp with the track: 'Bom Bom' , go check them out!!

Fono & Serafina - Bathtub