Vice on CD with 'VICE 1981-1984'

2013: Infrastition Records releases 'VICE 1981-1984'. go check this out here!!!



short film: 'Schaduw'

Short film by Factory67,

made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2013.

**AWARDS**: cinematography

watch here !



film: 'Red Medtech Ventures'

film for Health Valley by Factory67, watch here, 2012 !



Ultra 2012 MK-12 videos online :

Thursday 08 03 2012 was the first day of the 4-days of ULTRA,  in Nijmegen NL. MK-12 played there live!  Here are some clips and here more info on ULTRA2012.



Fono & Serafina

listen here and go to Lush radio (SomaFM, support them!) and listen to all these ladies singing beautiful songs!



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Ties van der Linden